Twas the night before Covid and all through the office

Not a creature was stirring , not even a virus

The tickets were put in their jackets with care

In hopes that our clients soon would be there

The airlines were flying with passengers in tow

With visions of pools and beach chairs in a row

With mom in a bikini and Dad in a thong

We must head home they said , something is wrong

When on came the news of a pandemic that was global 

Mom and Dad are okay, they have a travel agent that is local

Shelley sprang into action getting people home on her mind

Where are all our clients? All of them we must find

When what to her wondering eyes did she see

But 7 of her associates with a chamomile tea

With their laptops in hand working so fast

They knew there were up to the client finding task

Shelley whistled and shouted and called them by name

Now Nancy, now Dawnie, now Erica and Pamela

On Lisa on Alex let's get people back to Canada

To the airlines, the cruise ships, the hotels they all called

Hours on hold with music that was awful they recalled 

With a bin full of files and Shelley holding on strong

They knew everyone would get home, it wouldn't take them long

Hours into the night clients on their way back

The team knew they were heading down the right track

Shelley's cheeks became rosy her eyes began to sparkle

Everyone is safe, they are home, it's a miracle

They packed up their laptops and all said goodnight 

The drove away from the office and all out of sight 

Shelley sighed in relief as she crawled into bed

A tear ran down her cheek as she knew what was ahead

The weeks of cancellations future travel unsure

Things wouldn't be the same until we have a cure

But remaining here for clients is our #1 cause

Believe in Shelley's Sun and Sand Travel 

Let us be your SANTA CLAUS